Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Fusion Fight and Fitness, it’s great to have you as part of the Team!

Please read our Terms and Conditions and Important Information you need to know.   

Terms and Conditions

  • All skills and techniques learned at Fusion Fight and Fitness will only ever be used at the academy or in self defence situations outside of the academy (other than at sanctioned activities such as organised tournaments and competitions, participating in seminars and workshops and whilst visiting other martial arts facilities or events).  Applying skills learned at the academy outside of these circumstances which constitute breaking the law in any form (assault and any of its forms) is prohibited and the membership of a person committing such acts will be cancelled immediately and indefinitely.  
  • If you have signed up for a weekly commitment (no contract) your membership automatically renews each week and your nominated account debited. 
  • 10 passes have a 3 month expiry from date of purchase.  
  • “Week to Week” Membership cancellation or suspension requires written notice of 1 week.  Please email fusionfightandfitness@gmail.com for suspensions and cancellations (excludes yearly and half yearly memberships and any special offer which has a “no suspension or cancellation” condition).  Membership payments taken within the notice period will not be refunded.
  • 6 Month Commitment memberships cannot be cancelled or suspended during the 6 month period.
  • Annual Personal Accident and Injury insurance is required for all members and the fee will be deducted annually from your nominated account (for the first payment it will be charged on your 2nd weekly payment.
  • Weekly membership payment is via Direct Debit through Ezidebit Pty Ltd.  Ezidebit charges of $1.20 for savings accounts or 2.4% for credit card accounts apply and are in addition to the membership fee..
  • Dishonour Fees for failed payments (due to insufficient funds) are applied by Ezidebit Pty Ltd and are NON-REFUNDABLE.  Currently these fees are $21.99 per failed transaction.

Important Information

  • School holidays – ALL Junior classes run throughout all school holidays, not on a school term by term basis.   
  • Public Holidays – no scheduled classes run.  Make-up Classes for Juniors are offered on a Friday when the public holiday falls on a Monday of that week.
  • Please join “Fusion Open Mat Sessions” group on Facebook to organise Open Mat Sessions at any time (outside of scheduled class times).  Please ask staff for the front door code and ensure all lights and fans are turned off and all windows and doors are closed when leaving.
  • Person hygiene is critical when attending the gym.  Please ensure your gear and your body is clean to minimize risk of infection and illness.  Do not train if you are ill or have an infectious condition (such as cold sores etc). 
  • Always wear shoes/thongs when going to the toilet or stepping off the mat and use the sanitizer on the wall before stepping onto the mats.  
  • Remove jewellery, tie back hair and cover any open cuts or abrasions before class (bandaids will fall off once you start sweating unless secured with strapping tape).  
  • No shoes, food, drinks or sharp objects on the mats at anytime.
  • Please be punctual to class, arriving at least 5 minutes beforehand.  If you cannot make the start time of a class on a regular basis please ensure you speak to the coach to let them know.

Scholarships and Rewards

  • Scholarships – We gift a junior scholarship (Sonny Dare Scholarship for ages 3 – 14 yrs) and a senior scholarship (Dylan Owen Scholarship for ages 15+ yrs) each year to a deserving child/family who is in need and could benefit from the positive effects of martial arts.  Applications open from August each year.
  • We reward hard working members with “Member of the Month” award.  This person receives a FREE gift.  Check Facebook for the monthly announcement.