Muay Thai

home to coach ethan cannon; former Pro QLD WMC Muay Thai Champion, 2 x WKBF Australian Champion and 2 x WKBF Queensland Champion.    

What is Muay Thai?

Muay Thai is known as, “the art of eight limbs.” This refers to the eight points of contact used including the fists, elbows, knees, and shins. In Thai culture, Muay Thai is closely linked with Buddhism and the martial art itself emphasizes values such as respect, humility, self-control, and compassion.

Is it suitable for anyone?

These classes are suitable for 15+ year old males and females regardless of your level of fitness, flexibility, coordination or physical prowess.  Muay Thai is suitable for beginners to advanced and all levels are catered for.   If you are unsure of which class on the schedule would be best for you, speak to one of our helpful staff members and they can point you in the right direction. 

Will I learn “good” technique?

You will learn correct technique from the beginning so no bad habits are developed here! 

Technique is taught in all classes.  The majority of people who train with us have no desire to compete in Muay Thai, they are simply using it as a way to keep fit and learn a new skill. Using proper technique ensures you get a better workout and you will also be less likely to injure yourself than if technique was not a focus at all!

 Our accomplished Muay Thai coach Ethan Cannon has trained in Thailand, fought in Thailand and Australia and not only knows the details of Muay Thai technique, but is also able to communicate them in a concise, effective way so that students are able to quickly grasp and execute the moves.

Do I need to be fit?

All classes provide excellent conditioning for those wanting to “get fit” however you don’t need to “be fit” to start!  Muay Thai is a great way to build up your fitness and having fun while doing it.  Bring a friend along with you and start off by just having fun hitting the pads and looking awkward together.  It’s a lot of fun,

I want to be a fighter – is this the right place for me?

 For those looking to compete there are several very specific requirements that must be fulfilled.  In the first instance you will register your interest with Coach Ethan and be given a document (“Fighters Contract”) outlining what is required and expected of you.  This document alone usually establishes who is serious about fighting and who isn’t.  At Fusion we are serious about helping people achieve their goals if they are too.

If you can fulfil the required training and commitment, you will then undergo competition specific training.  This is a very exciting and highly rewarding journey culminating in your debut fight and will push you to your limits physically and mentally!

What Muay Thai classes do we offer?

We offer classes for every level!  From absolute beginners to those wishing to compete on the world stage, you will be in good hands.  Our Muay Thai coach Ethan Cannon has had over 30 Full Thai Rules fights with 6 Championship Titles to his name.  He has competed 5 times in Thailand, once at the most prestigious venues for Muay Thai boxing, Lumpinee Stadium!  Although he not actively competing in Muay Thai at this point in time, being in his early 20’s Ethan has plenty of time left to make several comebacks (but really, how many titles does one need?!).  He knows what is required at the highest level of competition with mindset and skill and has vast experience in teaching to boot.  He breaks down techniques so they are easily understood by any level of experience and is able to give potential competitors an excellent idea of what it will be like in the ring against a tough opponent – because he is one!   

Can I compete in Muay Thai?

Absolutely!  If you’re looking to compete you can be confident you are in the best hands!   

Our head Muay Thai coach is arguably one of the most accomplished martial artists in Far North Queensland being described by Corey of Explosive Fight Promotions as follows “Ethan Cannon was and is a different breed of fighter, as a promoter I could only hope he will return sometime”.  Having won 6 Championship belts (Pro QLD WMC Muay Thai, 2 x WKBF Australian Title, 2 x WKBF Queensland Title and the first in history under 18 Pro QLD WBC Muay Thai Champion) you will be in the best hands when preparing to compete!

Fitness, technique, nutrition, mindset and a high fight IQ are part of your Muay Thai coaching as you prepare for your match.   


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Who takes the classes? 

Our technically skilled and highly experienced Muay Thai coach Ethan ”The Fighter” Cannon (former Pro QLD WMC Muay Thai Champion, 2 x WKBF Australian Champion and 2 x WKBF Queensland Champion) with over 30 fights.  Ethan has a reputation of having clean techniques and a high fight IQ.  He was the first in history under 18 Pro QLD WBC Muay Thai Champion and has had 5 fights in the Thailand  with one at the most prestigious Thai boxing event locations, Lumpinee Stadium. 


What if I’ve never done Muay Thai before?

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got zero experience in Muay Thai!  You will learn everything you need to know at Fusion.


Do you have stringent requirements for prospective fighters?

Yes.  We want to know that when you step into a ring to fight you will be 100% prepared, mentally and physically.  That is why we have a very specific, stringent criteria and level of commitment required for those wishing to compete in Muay Thai.  

The requirements will elicit whether or not you have the amount of dedication, determination and discipline to make your dream of fighting into a reality.   

We have a team of fighters who you will work alongside to keep you on track and focused.  You will find your development as a fighter is accelerated with this group of hard-working and motivated people.   


What shall I bring to my first session?

We can lend you gloves for your first class but after that you will need to purchase your own. Gloves are available to purchase at reception. Come along wearing any active wear, if you own Thai shorts they would be perfect! We have quick dry singlets, t-shirts, Thai shorts all for purchase at the reception.

Don’t forget a towel and a water bottle!

Our Fusion Muay Thai uniform is required once your membership has started.

    Can I buy any equipment from the gym?

    Yes! We stock the following items to purchase:

    • Fusion shirts / Quick Dry Singlets
    • Muay Thai shorts
    • 12oz Boxing gloves
    • Shin guards
    • Hand wraps
    • Groin guard
    • Mouth guard
    • Elbow guards
    Fusion ladies in a fight stance

    I’m interested in One on One training, do you offer that?

    We do! Our coach Ethan Cannon is available for one on one sessions. These sessions are very popular and a great investment in your Muay Thai journey. Please let us know if you are interested in doing these sessions and we will book you in.