Muay Thai

home to former Queensland WMC Pro super middle weight champion and current 2x Queensland female Junior Middleweight champion

What is Muay Thai? 

Muay Thai is known as, “the art of eight limbs.” This refers to the eight points of contact used including the fists, elbows, knees, and shins. In Thai culture, Muay Thai is closely linked with Buddhism and the martial art itself emphasizes values such as respect, humility, self-control, and compassion. 

Is it suitable for anyone?

Muay Thai is suitable for beginners to advanced, all levels are catered for.

You will learn correct technique from the beginning so no bad habits are developed here!

This class provides excellent conditioning for those wanting to “get fit” however you don’t need to “be fit” to start with! Muay Thai is a great class exercise class for building up your fitness and having fun while doing it.

What Muay Thai classes do we offer?

Beginners/Fitness Muay Thai – perfect for absolute beginners and people who want to do Muay Thai for fitness. 
Fighters Muay Thai – Invite only

How do I train in the fight team?

Everyone who wants to become a fighter and train in our fight team has to do a try out session. Our try outs are held every 3-4 months. 

At Fusion, we always do things a little different to other gysm and are the first to introduce a “try out” day. A chance for people to earn their spot on the fight team. When something is “EARNED” and not “GIVEN”, it means so much more. 

When selecting our fight team, our coaches look at dedication, determination and discipline over talent or athleticism. 

Fitness, technique, nutrition, minset and high fight IQ are developed later. 

Paul Hosking
Jessie Geyl picture

Who takes the classes? 

Our technically skilled and highly experienced Muay Thai coach “Pretty” Paul Hosking (the former Super Middle-weight WMC Queensland Pro Champion before retiring), you will be well-looked after and develop excellent skills. Paul has a reputation of having clean techniques and a high fight IQ. He is one of the best Muay Thai fighters in Cairns, and by far the prettiest!

Our assistant Coach is Jessie “The Real” Geyl. Jessie started training with Paul in 2018 for fitness, she quickly developed a love for Muay Thai and how beautiful but brutal it can be. Fast forward  a few years later she is now hold the 2x MTQ Queensland title and WKBP Australian champion. She is the only current female title holder in Cairns.

We are also proud to say we are the only Muay Thai gym in Cairns with a female coach!

 What if I’ve never done Muay Thai before?

For new comers with little to no Muay Thai experience advise you to attend the Beginners class. If you are interested in fighting, you can try out for the team at one of our regular try out sessions. 


Why do you have fight try outs?

At Fusion, we always do things a little to other gyms and we are the first to introduce a fight try out. When something is “EARNED” not “GIVEN”, it means so much more. 

When selecting our fight team, our coaches look at dedication, determination and discipline over talent and athleticism. Fitness, technique, nutrition, mindset and high fight IQ are developed later. 

We like to keep our team smaller than most fight teams, so it’s a more focused group. We find development of our fighters are accelerated and correct technique is learnt early on. 


What shall I bring to my first session?

We can lend you gloves for your first class but after that you will need to purchase your own. Gloves are available to purchase at reception. Come along wearing any active wear, if you own Thai shorts then perfect! We have quick dry singlets, t-shirts, thai shorts all for purchase at the reception.

Don’t forget a towel and a water bottle!

Our Fusion Muay Thai uniform is required once your membership has started.

    Can I buy any equipment from the gym?

    Yes! We stock the following items to purchase:

    • Fusion shirts / Quick Dry Singlets
    • Muay Thai shorts
    • 12oz Boxing gloves
    • Shin guards
    • Hand wraps
    • Groin guard
    • Mouth guard
    • Elbow guards
    Fusion ladies in a fight stance

    I’m interested in One on One training, do you offer that?

    We do! Our coaches Paul and Jessie are available for one on one sessions. These sessions are very popular and a great investment in your Muay Thai journey. Please let us know if you are interested in doing these sessions.