Junior MMA

Junior mma classes for ages 8-14 yrs.

What skills will my child learn at MMA?

This class teaches the ultimate fighting style called MMA.  This is a combination of striking (Muay Thai/Boxing), wrestling (taking the fight to the ground) and grappling (Brazilian Jiujitsu).  Bodyweight fitness exercises also make up part of the class to ensure kids work out their energy in a positive way and leave feeling great.  These classes are excellent to develop character and confidence, as well as coordination and fitness in a child.

What is the age range for Junior MMA?

Our junior MMA classes are available for children from 8 to 14 years of age.  As MMA is a combination of striking, wrestling and grappling it is challenging and most suited to 8 years and older children.


Is MMA good for self-defence?

This class will teach your child how to defend themselves, how to control a fight, how to take a fight to the ground and control their opponent (without inflicting injury) or if they are in danger of being hurt, to apply a submission (choke or joint lock).  

Paul Hosking

Who takes the classes? 

Head Coach Garrett Maunder and Boxing Coach, Konrad Borowiecki take these classes.

Konrad has trained with Albert Sosnowski who fought Vitali Klitschko and Tomasz Adamek, undisputed Cruiser weight World Champion and light heavy weight champion.  Konrad has over 20 years of boxing experience and is a very technical, knowledgable and enthusiastic coach.   Coach Garrett is a Brazilian Jiujitsu black belt (1st degree) and has extensive knowledge of striking martial arts performing and studying them since he was in high school.

Can my child come try it out before I sign them up?

Of course!  We want to make sure your child is comfortable and having fun at all times.  We offer a two week intro trial for all our new students. That way they can try out MMA, Muay Thai AND Brazilian Jiu Jitsu before deciding which classes they would like to enroll in.  Parents are able to watch the classes their child attends during the two week trial period.   

What shall I bring to the first session?

If you have boxing or MMA gloves then please bring them along, if not we have some that can be loaned.  After your trial period you will need your own.  We stock everything you will need including appropriate clothing and equipment.  Please see reception to complete your purchase.  If we don’t have it in stock we can get it in for you.

Come along wearing any active wear without zips or buckles and bring a water bottle. Students should purchase a Fusion uniform once they are a member.