Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Our mission is to build self confidence, resilience and discipline in your child.  bully-proof your child today! 

Brazilian Jiujitsu teaches kids excellent life lessons. Qualities like resilience, persistence and discipline are all built here.

Kids gain self-confidence and learn self-defence skills which are perfect to deal with bullying situations where students can defend themselves and neutralise a threat without harming or injuring the other person.  We have helped many victims of bullying face their tormentors with several using their jiujitsu skills to prevent themselves being further physically harmed.

We have strict Code of Conduct and students understand that unless they are in physical danger, they are never to use their martial art training outside of the academy.

Little Ninjas (4 – 7 year olds) 

Brazilian Jiujitsu classes for this age group run for 40 minutes.  Students are required to attend twice a week.  They are explicitly taught technique on one of the training days with the other day being more focused on positional sparring and free grappling.  This creates the opportunity for students to use the techniques they have learnt and apply them. 

 Some other clubs mainly teach technique and never sparr or only occasionally – why do you emphasise sparring or “rolling”?

Sparring is where confidence is built and skills are tested in a real situation where your opponent is trying to “submit” you.  We are all about building confidence and real, effective skills!

Simply learning technique with no real opportunity to test it is unrealistic and does not benefit the child should they actually ever need to use jiujitsu in a real life situation. 

We provide plenty of opportunity for students to test themselves and their techniques.  This is done through positional sparring (working from a specific position with set goals of escaping or improving their position) and free grappling (students “roll” until one of them “submits” the other).

Junior Warriors (8 – 14 year olds)

 This class runs for 1 hour and requires twice a week attendance.

Junior warriors learn technique in a step by step fashion which is very easy to understand.  They also get plenty of time to test out the learnt technique within free grappling and positional sparring time in class.  

Students are of all levels and abilities and students get “thrown in the deep end” with the other students when they join.  New students are coupled with more experience students and given extra attention from coaches.  In this way new students get a very swift on-boarding and are very soon able to understand the concepts they are learning.

Once students become Junior Warriors their belt aligns with the IBJJF belting system and is recognised anywhere in the world.  Gradings are done during class time and on grading week students get two chances to earn either a stripe or their new belt.  There is no additional day on your weekend or extra expense to attend a grading. 

How long have you been teaching kids?

We have been building confidence in kids for more than 11 years!  Our program is overseen and guided by owner and instructors Garrett and Jeska Maunder.  They have 4 children of their own (3 boys and 1 girl) and have been extensive experience in how to teach children.  Jeska Maunder who is a fully qualified and registered teacher.  She holds a Graduate Diploma of Education and has worked with children of all ages and nationalities from kindergarten through to adults with over 16 years of teaching experience. 

Our Kids BJJ program is not ONLY about learning a martial art, we aim to coach kids both on and off the mat, teaching them life skills within the BJJ program that they will utilise for the rest of their lives.

The most common feedback received from parents and guardians is that their child has grown in self-confidence and character from participating in our BJJ program.


Advanced Kids Brazilian Jiujitsu Program

Junior Elite Team (JET) Program– Producing WORLD CHAMPIONS!

As a deBeen 100% Jiujitsu academy we offer an exclusive, ground-breaking program for students to be able to compete at the highest levels.

The JET program is an “invitation only” program where selected students are chosen to participate in an “Elite” class in addition to their regular training.  This class focuses more on competition style training where students delve deeper into techniques, linking submission attempts, gaining positional advantage and point scoring.  A high level of commitment is required and the highest standards of behaviour and effort are expected.

 Students are not selected solely on their jiujitsu skills and abilities, nor talent or athleticism.  The number one quality coaches are looking for is a positive, can-do attitude, determination and coachability.  Skills, techniques, even the lack of athleticism are all factors that can be improved with persistence, time and training in jiujtsu.

 Elite students attend training camps interstate and regularly travel to Townsville, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne to compete and gain experience against other top level athletes of their age.  It’s not all about work though…there’s plenty of fun excursions sprinkled in along the way!  

The pinnacle of this program is competing overseas in world class level competitions such as the Abu Dhabi World Youth Championship (United Arab Emirates) or Copa Podio (Brazil). We have 3 current students who have competed and won gold medals at this level through our program and the opportunity it provides.