Congratulations to our two newest blue belts,

by | Feb 8, 2024

Ayden Moore and Emile Pancirov.

We could not be more proud of both of these boys, having followed their growth, victories and defeats as they have progressed through the junior belts to now attaining their first adult belt at just 15 years old. Ayden started Jiujitsu in 2017 and Emile in 2016. Check out how cute they were and how much they’ve grown!

Just days after their blue belt promotion Ayden competed at the QBJJC Brisbane Championship over the weekend securing a Silver medal in No Gi and a Bronze medal in the Gi, while Emile competed in Melbourne at the Grappling Industries competition bringing home a Gold medal in both Gi and No Gi Adult Blue Belt divisions. A testament to how well-deserved they are of this promotion.

Iron sharpens iron! When you’ve got a training partner who knows your game, it can be incredibly frustrating but it also propels you to evolve further and faster as these boys have done while showing great maturity and mutual respect.

We look forward to seeing them continue to challenge themselves and realize their full potential as martial artists and young men.


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