Cairns’ first homegrown female BJJ Brown Belt

by | Dec 29, 2023

Co-owner of Fusion Fight and
Fitness, Jeska Maunder stands out as a trailblazer
being Cairns’ first homegrown female BJJ Brown Belt.

Jeska has always had a passion for discipline and
fitness but only started BJJ in her mid 30’s after she
became co-owner of Fusion Fight and Fitness, Cairns’
leading martial arts academy. Owning a martial arts
academy she felt she needed to practice what she

Jeska’s journey to the Brown Belt has been marked by
challenges (including the birth of 4 children, a torn
knee ligament, a broken finger and being married to
Garrett) and triumphs (winning at the IBJJF Pan Pacific
Championships in Melbourne and IBJJF Asian Open
Championships in Japan and staying married to

Attaining a Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a
remarkable feat, symbolizing years of unwavering
dedication, relentless training, and a deep
understanding of the sport.

Jeska hopes she can inspire other females to get
involved in BJJ which is an excellent self-defence
martial art and be a role model and mentor to all the
young, upcoming BJJ athletes.



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