Jamie Renouf Vs Anthony Drilich on Eternal MMA

by | May 7, 2023

Jamie Renouf faced off against Anthony Drilich at Eternal MMA 75 at Southport Sharks on the Gold Coast, which was broadcasted on UFC Fight Pass. The fight was highly anticipated, as both fighters were highly skilled and had impressive records.

The fight saw Drilich doggedly pursue the takedown against the cage and Renouf consistently deny its success. Some powerful lower leg kicks by Renouf were landed while Drilich was a little more aggressive in the first and second round. Renouf finished strong in the 3rd round with a takedown but couldn’t quite manage to land any significant blows from the half guard position.

Overall, it was a very close match with judges scoring the match 29-28 Drilich, 29-28 Renouf and 29-28 Drilich with Drilich winning by split decision. The fight was a great example of the high level of talent in Australian MMA.


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